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The Radiant Energy Converter

Hello everyone and thanks for your efforts, but ...

I personally like the battery bank setup ,and I think that it is better to first test that part. For pulsing a coil one does not need to make a motor at all, a 555 and a mosfet, will do that. I think that SSG's objective is to be also a good motor with torque which draws less under load and a battery charger.

I would suggest testing the second part of the document, which I think is one of the keys to capturing more of the Radiant Energy.
I don't think that pulsing a coil for a very short amount of time, will put out enough torque. I had tested this before by using a 555, and a hall switch. Also I don't think that the output impulse would have enough force to charge the battery, because of less electron flow, As Peter has told us we require a bare minimum of electron current to charge the battery.

Charging the battery with more electron per impulse is like hitting a heavier hammer each time to the nail(battery) instead of more lighter hammers. Which one would have more effect on the nail? The heavier hammer (more electron) or the lighter one (less electron)? Of course heavier hammers can put the nail in its place in few impulses, but using a light hammer would not cause the nail to move so much, with even more impulses.

So I think that there is an optimum ratio, between Radiant Energy (the impulse) and the electron current (The weight of each impulse).

Anyway just thoughts, eager to hear your opinions.

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