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using Capacitors

Originally Posted by elias View Post
Hello everyone,
I agree with the fact that all of the radiant energy is not properly captured in these circuits. This can be verified by using different size capacitors instead of batteries. By calculating 0.5*C*V^2 for them, you may find out that running the SSG for a certain amount of time will accumulate different amount of energy.
What about using capacitors instead of battery?

Is there some reason, that they shouldn't work or miss important properties of a battery?
While they are not really appropriate collecting energy, they might give the advantage to have very soon a result of the efficiency of the bedinimachine.

Nearly the same we might have with small batteries (nickel cadmium or like that): if the one, which is driving the machine, is emptied within 5 or ten minutes while the other one is charged, we should get a much more precise result and may have many more testing cycles, than with bigger batteries.
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