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Originally Posted by DrStiffler View Post
Please say off my thread!

You are another discrediter IMHO, because of how you phrase your rebuttal.
If you have the answers and have connected the dots, then by all means please save the world with the answer.....

If you indeed feel the answer is present by directing people to read hundreds of volumes of data from the time of Archimedes, then it must be your direction to tie up the community so it goes no-where, because your suggestion is not possible.

I have for so many years heard such statements as; Tesla, Moray, Meyer, Bearden, Sweet, Tim Buck To, have all obtained and performed the magic, so where is the magic?? Why are you not absorbing all the great answers and offering information? Gee! I have it wrong again, just a crusty old man that does not share his marbles.

You have been sharing this directon on almost every thread I read, but it is not needed here, we enjoy our own game and direction.

Please no response, you have pissed me off and I know full well that was your intent.

This will be my last post in this thread then.

I can only say I honestly did not intend to piss you of and honestly think the stuff I posted is of interest to you. I tried to extract the essence of the things I referred to in my posts, so you don't have to go trough volumes of data to find out how Tesla designed his system and that the top Sphere is not supposed to radiate, because the energy is supposed to go around the ground connection, for example.

And I know, it sounds weird to say Einstein was wrong and his relativity theory is BS, but doesn't everyone out there say the same thing about what you are doing?
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