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dual coil SG

Originally Posted by theremart View Post
2But I did not have it up long to check to see if the transistor was getting hot, I have put on order a rheostat ( or potentiometer as you like to call it) to replace my dinky potentiometer. There will be much more voltage coming thru this thing, until I get my rehostat in, I will not be going for any joy rides with this new toy over 12 V.
Well I took the risk so far shes been running ok but definatly uses more energy, I was able to run my single SG on a 6V drill battery over night and into the late morning, now she only runs barley through the night. I hooked up 2 12V batts in series and everything stayed cold only after I hooked up the 10ohm resistor between my second coil and the collector. One thing to be careful of though is dont leave your SG on very long with out a batt on the charge side or your sure to burn out a transistor if your using more than 12V. I had 24V on and as soon as I unhooked my charge batt the transistor got hot really fast luckily I unhooked it before death.

Im going to pick up some pots at the shack in a minute 2 1K pots and 2 25ohm pots. this is what John B recommends for tunning. if you haven't seen it yet on a previous message in this thread there are details on tunning very good too. well good luck remart I will let you know if I learn anything of importance! So far I think I just need to tune mine better drawing too much amperage I am sure I just hope its not above the C rate dont want to ruin my battery's!
Oh ya just got my DVD too! Energy from the vacuum, Sweet cant wait to watch it.
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