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@ DrStiffler - was there a difference between the spectral analysis for the L3 coil with 25.8mhz vs 8.3, 12, 12.5 and 19.8 mhz?

I only ask because i saw some little peaks to the right of the main peak being emitted by the sig gen . I didn't write down the Fq's at the time but suspect they were multiples of fz or thereabouts. using white noise i see more peaks to the left. There was not as much Va dbm as with stimulation at the SRF of the coil but the SRF Fq spectral analysis didn't show any evidence of lattice stimulation. (i assume the sig gen would have put more power into the coil at this frequency due to lower impedance or something.)

i also found the absence of harmonics at 25.8 curious also.

I have been winding coils and will be looking at them in the next week/s as well as hopefully with an sec15 setup.
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