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Sep it is fairly pointless to cycle batteries on the basic sg setup. You probably already know this. My tests so far haven't come close to a true 1 to 1 charge. The best I can get is a full 12 amp hour charging a FULLY dead 7 amp hour 1 to 1. This is over a period of about 2 days, so theres quite a bit of mechanical work unaccounted for.

Good find on the batteries! I'll tell you a little tip. Take a small 12 v globe and your multimeter next time. Wire up the globe on a reasonable healthy batt (12 + if possible) and see if the voltage drops rapidly. This gives you an idea of the condition. If they have just been sitting there (i.e. not on a trickle charge) they are going to be fairly sulphated and degraded, but your monopole can help recondition them!

I have a friend who checks and installs emergency lighting, He goes through tons of these things every day. According to law they must be replaced every two years, even though some of them are fine. Needless to say, I wont need to buy batteries ever again
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