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wow! was it going at 1200rpm with the fan? I wonder how adding a load effects the motor... it apparently reduces current draw but I wonder how it effects charging

By the way... i have done my tests on single/double stacking the magnets and got results I didn't expect.

This is the graph for the double stacked magnets (20mm x 10 mm x 5mm each) rotating 2 conditioned 7.2Ah batteries.

I stopped at about 9 hours because the batteries were begining to level out though the average voltage dropped alot less than I expected with such small batteries

i havent put together a graph for the single stacked magnets because I could only rotate the batteries for about 5 hours before they leveled out!!!

Unfortunatly all the DC ampmeters on my multimeters have fried so I cant get an reading on current draw though it appears that using weaker magnets INCREASED current draw! At least it drained the batteries alot faster.

By the way... the ac ampmeter on my meters still work... is there any way to get an estimate of dc current using an ac meter?

and another update (been busy )

The main problem I have been having is getting big enough batteries and ENOUGH of them... I don't think 1 to 1 charging is going to work very well... so I popped into my local wheelchair centre and lo and behold found a battery gold mine!

In the back room they had 14 high Amp hour batteries that they had written off! So they were only too happy to sell my 5 of the biggest ones for 20!!! The cheapest new 30Ah batteries i could find were 40 EACH online!

So got
2 x 40Ah batteries
1 x 38Ah battery
and 2 x 30 Ah batteries!

Got them home and found 2 of them still had a resting voltage of about 12.78 volts (which is nice ) 1 had 10.6 volts sitting in it. but the other two! oh god! 0.5 volts!!!! they are seriously dead! One of them has been on the energiser for about 24 hours now and at first it went straight up to 16 volts then gardually dropped for about 5 hours to around 5.5 volts and then started rising slowly again. After 12 hours it was up to 9.4 volts and now (after 24 hours) it is at 10.89 volts so it looks like they might still have a hope! Let's see if we can bring them back to life!
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