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Originally Posted by 7imix View Post
A number of sidacs could be used in place of the spark gap. Depending on what the break over voltage of the gap is currently, you'd have to chain a certain number of them to match that voltage.

This one has a break over voltage of 280 volts.

Digi-Key - K2500G-ND (Manufacturer - K2500G)
really? just use a string of these? cool. im looking for more surge protectors, sounds like they are basically the same, i have found that more gaps help
But that may be because the primary Cap is brutally under-rated & letting the gap fire before 12kv has built up.

I never really read up on making proper water caps, im getting practically a plasma bottle here, which could only lower performance Lol

anyway till the place i get components from actually gets something on the shelf, the ghetto-style gap & pretend capacitor will have to do lol
Thanks for the link to that product!
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