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ah the joys of 2 coils

2X the fun of figuring out where you went wrong

I am currently reworking my 2 coil setup, as with so many wires I am currently figuring out a way to tame them. I am putting them in a plastic box and running out the wires to keep my sanity again

But I did not have it up long to check to see if the transistor was getting hot, I have put on order a rheostat ( or potentiometer as you like to call it) to replace my dinky potentiometer. There will be much more voltage comming thru this thing, until I get my rehostat in, I will not be going for any joy rides with this new toy over 12 V.

On another note I am currently running a single ( modified SSG ) with 18V for the primary, and 32V on the target. I must say that it will not be soon enough for my new rheostat to come so I can replace the potentiometer. It is charging very well, but it does get very warm to the touch, not burning warm, but hot.
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