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Be careful with spark gaps, my electronic guru told me it can produce hazardous radiations.

Will it work without the SG? or prehaps just a small gap, like small engine spark plug (.025" gap)?

Does your system have a earth ground?
I've read that the best possible ground you can have is a one inch brass rod. Not copper, not steel but BRASS.

I want to use this system on a vehicle so earth ground is not practical.
Magnets are a "sort" of grounding, because they capture a part of the magnetic flux that flow from the ionosphere to the earth.

Here's what I've done so far:Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket

Bagel coil pictures by felaudet1 - Photobucket

I'm using a toroidal coil instead of cylindrical. My windings are perpendicular, and the black wire is copper coated steel. It forms the magnetic core as well as the secondary. I will send HV from an ignition coil into that toroid. It's a bit like the flyback transformer of a TV, or a particle accelerator. It accelerate the electrons before sending them into a electrolysis cell.

This is allegedly how Daniel Dingel ran his water car.
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