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Awesome thread!

I have been researching this area extensively lately and have developed an inexpensive method to build a light tube transmission system.
All you need is PVC, mylar (2mil or 4 mil) and miter saw or other angled cutting system. Mylar is simple rolled up inside the PVC pipes and angles are created by cutting corner PVC pieces at 45 degree angles. Works very well!

I am currently testing a passive "light trap" geometry using my namesake (Golden Mean) to passively capture sunlight and transfer it down the light tube.
So far, I've successfully shot a laser light and maintained much of the coherence through the spiral and out the light tube if the right angle of entry is set. (See attached pics) This small test prototype is not even optimized or completed yet as I am on to a much larger 3' x 4' x 22" spiral with a 2" PVC pipe for the middle and a black painted copper pipe going through the center for a solar heating test. I'll post more pics when time allows as I have a million things going on in multiple realities all at once and it can be quite taxing at times!!

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Many Blessings to All.
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