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In the MRA schematic below, there is a tunable low-power oscillator which supplies a signal to one side of a barium titanate transducer. The opposite side of the transducer is connected to a primary coil which is wrapped around a barium ferrite magnet core. The opposite end of the primary goes back to the oscillator.
Joel McClain & Norman Wootan: Magnetic Resonance Amplifier ~ Collected Papers

the barium titanate transducer:

An Introduction to Piezoelectric Transducer Crystals…
Piezoelectric Materials and their Properties

Piezoelectricity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

in google, search also "barium titanate quartz coupling", a lot of info is available check out pdf docs , you'll see some fractal applications in the telecom industry


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Check out helpful
thank you for this nice add on, do you look for a particular figure when you charge the quartz sand:

Using Cymatics to visualise electric phenomena?

i know that piezoelectric crystal are used as vibration sensors

Piezoelectric Materials for Vibration Sensors—The Technical
Advantages of Piezoceramics Versus Quartz

see also Piezoelectricity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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