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YES I just completed my dual Coil as well!!!! got quit a few good shocks working on it though. For some reason my second transistor was getting very hot couldn't figure it out it was running and everything was hooked up correctly Switched out my diode from 1N914 to 1N4001 no change than it dawned on me it only got hot when I hooked up the coil to the collector but it is a pretty small coil only 120 turns of bifillar 18awg not very much resistance . So I put a 10ohm 10W resistor on it and it its working fine now resistor gets hot not the transistor. I was thinking I would try to go lower till the transistor just barley gets warm and stop their I want as much of that precious radiant energy to get back to my battery. The RPM's are also much faster now and when I hooked up my 2 12Volts in series for a nice 24V she took off! however I have not yet figured out how to measure my amp draw, I have a multimeter but which wires or poles do I hook it up to? Also why would my second transistor get hot but not the first one theremart did you experience anything like this?
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