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Originally Posted by morpher44 View Post
I've been reading all I can find about the so called
"Hubbard Coil".

Alfred M. Hubbard: Coil Generator

Hubbard never got a patent, and yet we find
these patents:

Paul M. Brown - 4,835,433
Spitting image of the Hubbard coil.
Apparatus for direct conversion of ... - Google Patent Search
Mr. Brown was killed in a car crash:
Mike Kremer - The strange Legacy of Paul M. Brown Ph.D

William N. Barbat - Self-Sustaining Electric-Power Generator Utilizing Electrons of Low Internal Mass to Magnify Inductive Energy
Pub No. US2007/0007844 A1 Jan. 11, 2007
Self-sustaining electric-power ... - Google Patent Search
William Barbat: Self-Sustaining Electrical Generator; United States Patent Application # 0070007844

Both of these and perhaps other seems to use Hubbard's
coil as a nice 3-stage transformer design.

Why do we in the real-world not see Hubbard's coil in working

I would like to see some replications of Hubbard's coil, respecting
his thoughts on golden ratios, etc.
If I get some time, I'll attempt to replicate it myself.

I think it may be true that this design has certain "optimum" characteristics
that are useful ... even if you are using plane-ole vanilla AC currents
(i.e. no radiation).

Btw, Hubbard became one of the fathers of LSD.
Alfred Matthew Hubbard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

-- morpher44
This sound like fractal all over, i like the info morph44 thank you

ps: check out this thread a lot of info that might help you:

Trees as radiant energy collector

ps another hubbard thread: Alfred Hubbard free energy device need your help
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