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Other ideas.

Originally Posted by splocal View Post
That is awesome, Iam currently also in the process of building my dual coil SSG, too bad I fried a transistor last night trying to do it I hate when I do that!!! anywhoo I also noticed that the voltage coming into my second coil dropped a bit probably due to resistance of the wire as it is much longer than it is to my first coil. I also was thinking of running my batts in series (24V) just figured 2 coils 2 batteries. Glad I was on the right track. With all the transistors we all have burned out over the years maybe we should invest in their stock Well off to buy more 2N3055's I wonder if the other transistors are as sensitive the MJL's? I think! I hear they are more expensive though!
Actually, i considered serveral other generators:

1. Dynohub ( it is a old type bicycle generator it was in the center hub of the bicycle others make wind generators from these. Youtube has some demonstrations of this. This would work great for those who used the classic SSG bicycle wheel ( in theory )

2. Motor from treadmill. These can be had very easily on ebay.

I found this website VERY VERY helpful because the people there are VERY hands on, and are very innovative. - DIY Renewable Energy Resource
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