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sonds really good. Hope that the thing with the ground wire and diode will work well for you But don't have too much hopes for the wind generator/alternator. Today I received mine and it is hard to turn the shaft. I had some usual alternators before and they were easy to turn in lo load conditions, but not this permanent magnet alternator. This could be due to the strong magnets and the drag from the copper coils, I don't know if that is supposed to be so, I emailed the seller about this. Nevertheless it generates very well. I don't think that your SSG will have enough torque to turn such a generator (as in picture), because my 6 coil/transistor SSG certainly is not able to turn this generator maybe a big flywheel would help a little.
Hope my new Lindemann attraction motor design will have enough torque

Heh, I really should read the instructions or manuals first Here what it says:
"It is normal in the first few hours of use to hear some clicking sounds when the alternator is turning. This is due to the close tolerance of the rotor and stator assembly. Also it may feel somewhat hard to turn the shaft by hand, but as the bearings "break-in" you will notice that the alternator will start to turn in much slower winds. This may take several days of use depending on your local wind conditions."

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