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IndianaBoys, this maybe of interest concerning your experiment:

A while back i posted the following on this thread: a better way to present the periodic table

Three Soviet scientists, S. STSCHURIN, V. P. and L. KAZNACHEJEU Michailova, confirmed after more
than 5 000 experiments that living cells transmit information through photons (in 1981).
We can describe the experiments simply as follows:
- Cells are bathed in a nutrient solution in two spherical flasks made of quartz. The two flasks are touching
each other. If a cell culture is affected by a virus, or poisoned, the cells in the adjacent flask become
impaired every time and always have the same symptoms, whereas they should be protected from the toxic
influence of other cells by the quartz sides.
- If you use glass flasks, the second cell colony is protected.
- The transmission between the two colonies is made by ultraviolet radiation.
*** These same three Soviet scientists measured the cell radiation using a photomultiplier. "Normally living
cells emit a constant stream of light rays. When a virus enters cells, radiation changes: it first increases -
then silence then new increase, then gradual attenuation of radiation in multiple wavesuntil the cell
dies. This recalls the cries of pain of an animal.
*** In 1974, Simon STSCHURIN, said: "The cells affected by different diseases have different radiation
characteristics. We are convinced that photons are able to inform us long before the onset of pernicious
degeneration to disclose the presence of a virus ".
Today, scientists worldwide are exploring this phenomenon:
- In Australia, the correlation between cancer and ultra-hight- throuhput radiation is under study.
- In Brazil, fundamental studies are being conducted to understand light transport in cells.
- In China, the action of light on cells is currently studied.
- In Japan, research is trying to make an early diagnosis of cancer from cell radiation
Light biology - quetanglais

more on info found here:

Biophysics And the Life Process

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