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FINNALLY got my multi coil SSG bedini working today It is soo good to look up and see that wheel spinning with two coils.

Also I took a tip from from watching a video of one of the users on the SSG group of putting two 12 V batteries in series as the charging batteries ( 24V) I was greatly impressed but the increase of the charge.

After this, with help of one older and wiser than me in such projects, I have moved up to 36 V ( three batteries ) charging in series. It blew my bulb ( silly of me leaving it on ) but with some slight modification it is still running. And yes, it charges even faster now. ( I am most careful not to knock any of the connectors to charging batteries or my transistor would be toast or vapor one of the two.

Anyhow, sucess is so good to share with those who understand.

Thanks all for helping me get my multi coil up.


I ran a wire from outside with a 4 foot copper wire in the ground to the positive lead of the charging battery with a diode. Hope this helps.


I should receive this week the wind generator alternator I intend to have the SSG turn the alternator for additional output. This may be fool hearty, but since I can now turn the wheel at over 2,000 RPM with 2 coils, I am hoping I can at least get 1,000 RPM with the generator. I am excited

and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 !!! all

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