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Me too Gary. I have a friend that replaces fire and emergency lighting systems and I tell him to snag some batteries from time to time. They're just getting thrown out otherwise. When I got two of the 26 amp batteries I was stoked to see they both had 12.60 volts plus in them! But that soon died when I powered a 300ma 12 volt light globe. It wouldnt light properly at first, and the globe flickered. I checked all my connections and placed a multi meter on the battery and it read 4 volts. After about 30 seconds it fired up and the volts jumped up to 12 but started rapidly decreasing and was soon below 10v.

When being charged the first time it jumped up to over 17volts straight away and slowly made its way down to about 15 volts. After 5 or six cycles it is performing much better, it runs three light globes (900ma) for about 1/1/2 hours before it reaches 10v. It still jumps up instantly on charge up to about 13.5 volts. Interesting behaviour.
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