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also related to previous post


Ball Lightning

In keeping with the focus of the present invention, the inventor has discovered that low- dielectric-constant substances are advantageous because of their ability to withstand and maintain high or intense electrostatic fields. As such, dielectric container 150 is preferably comprised primarily of quartz, ceramics, or porcelains, as these provide the necessary electron layer (or dielectric) within the wall of dielectric container 150, thus allowing the wall of dielectric container 150 to serve as one side of the double electron barrier needed to contain the energized electrons (or other particles). In the event the present invention is performed without the use of dielectric container 150, other mediums, for example dry air, which is an excellent dielectric, may serve to create the necessary conditions for generating the quantum macro object of the present invention.
Ball lightning has been known to last from a few seconds to greater than 150 seconds. These relatively long lifetimes are one of the most intriguing features of ball lightning as this may suggest that the ball possesses some inherent energy source independent of external sources see post above. On the other hand, some balls have been reported to fade out quietly, while others disappear abruptly, and occasionally with an explosion or by breaking into small fragments. On the whole, observers report detection of no radiant heat from the balls, even when the ball passes by at close range.

Kiril Chukanov: Ball Lightning

hope you are enjoying this...because i am
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