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Sorry about the photos, the acrylic reflects the light of the flash giving a washed out look. The speedie is still under construction and has plastic covering on it. Funnily enough. Hooking a 12 volt led up to one of the unused windings caused the amps to drop from about 700ma to 500ma with no difference in speed. It only worked when installed one way though, It drew more when reversed. Both ways it lit up. I am guessing that it acted like a diode and gated back emf or something allowing the power winding to fire more efficiently? Any thoughts?[/QUOTE]

Hi Ren,

Thats an interesting effect, ma drop.I could'nt help notice that 26 amp hour battery.I have that same battery laying around that must be at least 15 years old and when I tried to charge it with a normal charger it would'nt accept the charge, It read about 6 volts.So I used the SSG on it and left it sit for about 2-3 weeks and then charged it up again with the SSG and it seems to be alive again holding 12.20 volts.I dont really use that battery much anymore but its just interesting that you can revive old batteries.

-Gary A
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