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I finally figured out the fwbr to cap and scr circuit and implemented it into my small window motor driven by ssg circuit. It charges real well, im quite happy with it considering it was just what I had lying around. The other pic is a high speed rotor I am currently building, draws 1 amp on startup which drops to 500ma at running speed. I am using two coils in series as I just couldnt keep the magnets on the wheel with one master and three slaves. Went ridiculously fast, sounded like a jet engine on takeoff, well a mini jet engine anyway

Im surprised at its charging capabilities considering the relatively small size of the CORLESS coils and neo's on the rotor. I am beginning to think that the most important part of the ssg is the collection of the collapse, not the size of the core or how many windings. Of course all of these factors will come into play, but it was interesting to experiment with a design like this. It may not be a self runner or even super efficient, but the simple Bedini circuit implemented into this design allows for recovery of energy usually wasted. It charges my 7 amp hour quite quickly so far. From 12.20 to 12.60 in 45 minutes so far. And that battery was drained last night to 12.00 and left to sit overnight so its not the voltage bouncing back.

Sorry about the photos, the acrylic reflects the light of the flash giving a washed out look. The speedie is still under construction and has plastic covering on it. Funnily enough. Hooking a 12 volt led up to one of the unused windings caused the amps to drop from about 700ma to 500ma with no difference in speed. It only worked when installed one way though, It drew more when reversed. Both ways it lit up. I am guessing that it acted like a diode and gated back emf or something allowing the power winding to fire more efficiently? Any thoughts?

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