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Thumbs up Fabulous Gracie!

Oooohhh, my Precious Gracie,

Talk about being FABULOUS...YOU are MORE than that...You are a Shining Example of Pure Love...

I also wish to extend to you my Deepest Thanks for spending so much time with me in the past few days making corrections on my entire being... I had been filled with so much anxiety this past week which was manifesting itself into a number of physical ailments and now I feel, not only exquisitely relaxed and serene, but absolutely delightful physically....You are such a Precious Blessing, my Darling Grace...And I Love You Deeply...

I also wish to Thank You for recommending a few switches in my modules... I was a wee bit worried that I might cause the folks at the PATHS office to get their knickers in a bit of a twist when I wrote to ask them to make those switcheroos as I asked them to do this only a few weeks ago... But they responded SO quickly with such kindness (as they usually do.... ) However...I DID tell them that my request was because of YOUR recommendation and I am sure that may have been why they acted so FAST!!! They know, without a doubt, that what YOU recommend is going to be the BEST thing for each and every one of us, so they don't wait a second before they jump to the task!!! (I just Love those Lovies at the PATHS office!)

And Gracie...your corrections gave me the courage to post the HUGE work-in-progress of my new painting of tulips... I NEVER show a painting until it is completed, but NOW I have this overwhelming urge to share with the world how my paintings develop. I have a feeling that this will be enjoyable for some of the folks to look to during the next weeks, so, thanks to you and your amazing Love and CEM skills, I have released my inhibitions about this and will continue adding to the progress-pics on the Healing Through Art thread as the painting develops and matures....

Thank You, once again, my Dearest Gracie... May you Always be Blessed...In ALL Ways...

With So Much Love and Gratitude,


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