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my single coil motor was working better than this one is though I put that down to the batteries.

Using two 7.2Ah batteries which were fine for the 1 coil motor which drew around 300mA but this one draws closer to an amp (about 950mA) so these batteries aren't good for this current draw.

The single coil motor lost .0257A (about 1/4 watt) when running on 300mA which the rotor should have been able generate so that appeared to be over unity.

Saving up for some Golf cart batteries though I really want more than 2 batteries. Very expensive.... about 40 each I think. I understand why this motor won't achieve over unity with just 2 batteries so definatly worth investing in more.

I'm just using it for experiments at the moment until I have bigger batteries. I found this motor has two sweet spots. I have no tach (hard to find a cheap laser tach in the uk) so can only estimate speed but one is at about 1000rpm and the other seems to be just under 3000rpm so I am comparing the two sweet spots to find which is most efficient at charging the batteries.

Also comparing single stack to double stack magnets and after that will compare how long the motor will run swapping the batteries compared to it running on just one battery with the 14007 diode going straight back to the positive of the primary (just for referance).

I'll upload the results when I have them. Though this motor isn't over unity with these batteries it should still give me and idea of the efficiency of different configurations which I can put to good use when I DO get my batteries
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