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“Build a Hydronic-Radiation Transmitter” by Jack Althouse

“Scientists in Florida have discovered a new form of electromagnetic radiation which propagates under water as well as radio does in air”.

“I must protest. Has a serious trade journal resorted to sensationalism? It appears that either that either a hoax is being perpetrated or that…”.

“A new mode of communications --- via underwater electromagnetic radiation --- is being explored by Hydronics Corp. Wallace Minto, inventor of the system, says signals have been transmitted over a distance as great as 30 miles by this method.”.

Is “hydronic radiation” a fact or a fraud? It has raised a storm of controversy as illustrated by the quotations above, all of which were written by responsible engineers or technical writers. The fact is that hydronic radiation does work. And the equipment is easy to build once a basic understanding of the new concept is attained.

But first, let’s see how the system’s inventor describes hydronic radiation. Wallace Minto of Sarasota, FL, desribes it as “a new vector field related to the electromagnetic and magnetohydrodynamic forces, characteristically propagated through a water medium and associated with electronic oscillations”. Translation: Hydronic radiation is the same as radio, except that it works through water instead of air...
...Only the antennas distinguish the hydronic-radiation system from a conventional radio system. Receiving and transmitting antennas both have large plates, at each end of an insulating separator, to make contact with the water. A half-wave radio antenna has insulators on each end and radiates at right angles to the wire, as shown in Fig. 1-A. The hydronic radiation antenna appears to radiate off the ends of its plates (Fig. 1-B)...
Radiant Wave Anyone?

Wallace Minto: Hydronic Radiation Transmitter

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