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Smile Thank you Pammie and Rin!

Hi Rin,

I am so glad to hear these results! I am not done yet though, still working on your Mental body and Spiritual Body. I will be overjoyed when you go back to your doctor and the Fibroids and Endometriosis are no longer an issue as well! I will keep working on you for now.

Thank you so much for Posting Rin!

Pammie, I still would like to finish working on you too. I am going to put some more attention on you as well today and tomorrow. Pammie I will be looking for you on skype tomorrow Sunday!

I want all of you to understand that if any of you are resonating with any of the "issues" that all these courageous, beautiful people are posting about, you will receive the "corrections" as well. Remember there is no separation!! We are all ONE! This is why I started the thread on this Fabulous Forum that I love so much.

If you are hesitant to post because of the issue being personal, just know that I need very little information to tune in with. The more the better for everyone reading, but you can keep it brief here, and private message me with more if that makes you feel more comfortable.

I really would enjoy working privately with each and everyone of you, but I do not have enough time for this. Posting helps many more!

Thank you to all of you for being so FABULOUS!!
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