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Originally Posted by Allcanadian View Post

I would agree we should look at the facts and maybe we could start with the present day beliefs in physics. Today they believe gravity is an attractive force between masses but they have no credible explanation for what gravity "is" only what it does. Today they believe a magnetic field is magical virtual photons which magically pop into and out of existence from multiple alternate universes, again they have no idea what a magnetic field "is" only what it does. Today they say particles such as electrons have a negaitive charge but they still have absolutely no idea where this "charge" came from or why it exists. In fact we have no more idea about how much of anything really works in nature fundamentally, as a fact, than we did 100 years ago in Tesla's time.

Was Tesla wrong -- clearly? I see very little that is clear in any sense of the word. What we are told is that mass and energy are conserved and we are also told that all matter is continually absorbing and radiating what we call energy. Now if matter is continually absorbing and radiating "energy" then where does this "energy" come from?
In any case I think your theory that a radioactive material absorbing energy from an external source should keep emitting energy forever is flawed because it assumes the radiation of energy/mass can have no effect on the mass over time.

Amen to that, you should check out these posts, you may not agree but there is something to it :

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.
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