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Remember Crook's periodic table: ( )

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Well it just so happens that Sir William Crookes was a mentor to Dr Tesla

It is clear that Sir William Crookes completely grasped the significance of Tesla's entire demonstration and realized the closing formal announcement of the new electric force. Crookes could not contain the thrilling implications. He was also sure that the new force would completely revolutionize the scientific world.

Crookes upheld Tesla thereafter as the true discoverer of an unrecognized electrical force. Tesla continued correspondence with his mentor after his departure from England. He had hoped that his dramatic announcement and demonstration would produce a new regime of electrical engineering, and that others would now reproduce the radiant electric effects as described. His hopes would be strangely dashed to pieces in the coming years when the derisive academic attacks began.
now if you read the recent post i made on tesla:

interview with Dr. Tesla from

Popular Science - Nov 1928 - Page 16

BESIDES his world power scheme, Dr. Tesla says he is devoting his time chiefly to his vertically rising flying machine. This aerial flivver is to weigh less 200 pound...
...On the whole subject of matter, in fact, Dr. Tesla holds views that are startlingly original. He disagrees with the accepted atomic theory of matter, and does not believe in the existence of an "electron" as pictured by science or, he maintains, if it can exist at all, it does so only in perfect vacuum...
...Even before the discovery of radium, Tesla expressed his belief that radioactive rays were of this sort, a view ridiculed at that time. When radium was discovered it was found actually to emit particles of matter ....Tesla has maintained ever since that radium is not a generator but a transformer of energy, the emanations being caused by cosmic rays of immense power capable of penetrating all obstacles however thick.
Popular Science - Google Books
You realize that Dr Tesla must have held the same views on the periodic table as Sir W. Crookes

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Nikola Tesla (23/26)

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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