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lol I'm using a tri coil ssg (three bifilar coils)


I'm guessing it would need enough torque to get it to the optimal speed but any more torque would be wasted energy no?

This has always puzzled me. Bedini says weaker magnets are best but HOW weak?! lol...

of course you are going to need enough torque to get the motor to it's optimal speed.

Amount of torque needed would probably be related to the amount of reistance in the bearings and air resistance...

My rotor has very little air resistance since the magnets are recessed... though if my magnets werent recessed I guess I would need a bit more torque to get it to the optimal speed.

Though here is another thought! If we use stronger magnets won't they be more attracted to the core and so more energy will be required to create a magnetic field stong enough to break that attraction and repel the magnets?

I have a feeling there must be an optimal balance. At the moment I am using 10mm x 20mm x 5mm magnets and they seems to work fine with a 1000 turn trigger coil (though it's a bugger to start up!).

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

How weak/strong should the magnets be?
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