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Here is an experiment that you could do on your tree using Lord Kelvin Experiment to collect and increase energy :

1- Collapsible Bladder (see:

2-vortex trap : spiraling around the tree (or you could just connect it to a plastic hose with magnetic tape spiraling around it which you coil around the tree "braided type" like the simple Caduceus coil)

Vortex Trap

All magnetic traps rely somewhat on vortex effects but this particular trap uses a vortex a bit more actively. The vortex trap uses something called the "vortex tube phenomenon"....
.... Here is a vortex trap made of transparent acrylic with the inner vortex clearly visible:

Vortex Trap

3- at the end you use the Lord Kelvin Set up

YouTube - ‪Viktor Schauberger - Lord Kelvin Water Drop Electrostatic Generator‬‏

you could connect to it a water/methanol or Mstate capacitor to collect energy

Experience is made before the law is formulated, both are related like cause an effect. Nicholas Tesla
don't want to bother with the vortex trap, make your own M state water and then circulate it in the collapsible bladder + coiled hose (Caduceus style, now one of my fav coils )

more info on the caduceus coil : Wild & crazy Caduceus Coil interpretation

you could try adding 2 of these at each end of the hose and around the tree or replace the rings in the Kelvin experiment with 2 of these (water dropping in between the 2 ends):


only through experimentation will we know, I have showed you sufficient clues to explore the idea of water being used as a coil to resonate with tree just like Slider2732's idea:

If water was pumped, at the resonant frequency of the tree, in a spiral pattern at the base of the trunk, could it be imagined that energy would literally flow ?
It would be somewhat analogous to a battery circuit.
ps: don't waste that water, it is still Mstate water,just repump it in the system, now you have sufficient energy to make the system self running or consume very little power. And i postulate that the more it runs in the circuit the more concentrate your M state water is (that is it becomes more oily ) , the more it will resonate with the tree .

Water Turbine Project

In the continuing exploration of centrifugal force, Iíve built a water turbine that takes advantage of this phenomenon as its primary source of power.
Its design is based on the works of Victor Schauberger and Allan Cresswell. Iíve built a number of previous turbines, but for various mechanical reasons I couldnít get them working satisfactorily. I have hopefully worked out some of those issues enough to get a working unit.
This is a picture of the machine I put together. The container is a cut down 55 gallon drum. The turbine is powered from a 1/3 hp 12 VDC motor. I have an amp meter in series with the DC feed to monitor power drain.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. Confucius
ďSigns and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.Ē -Confucius.

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