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what if the hole system did not charge on vacuum energy but charged from recycling the collapsed emf at 99.9 % cop and added energy of the coil acting as a generator all the voltage triggered in the coil has one place to go the charge batt the faster the energizer goes the more voltage/current will be generated, the voltage potential of the cemf in theory if 12 volts 150 ma turns to 200 v it could turn back again to the same v/c if it had no loss but you would get back more because run batt voltage is higher so the the charge batttery translates it a little lower voltage and higher current plus a bonus from the gen side and bedini said "you wana do it as fast as you can". the faster the more bonus you get

anywho im no skeptic im just making a theory i got no multimeter yet still waiting for them in the mail then once i got it im gonna run tests on my bedini and see what is goin on
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