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Nice animation, but ...


Thanks for the animation, but I don't think that the induced voltage by the magnet is capable of charging the secondary battery unless the charging battery's voltage is lower than the induced voltage. It is the back-emf which Peter talks about and opposes the applied potential, and is always "less than" the applied potential, because otherwise the motor could not operate at all. As the speed of the motor increases the induced potential increases in the coil, thus the back-emf increases and also the current to the trigger coil increases too.

What is the H-wave? The h-wave's handle is the spike being absorbed by the charging battery and the rest of it is the induced voltage by the magnet, which if it were more than the voltage of the charging battery that one would be absorbed by it too.

Only in the case which the charging battery is less in voltage compared to the induced voltage it will get affected.


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