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ok... well this is how I see the circuit working now... sorry for the poor animation.


At the start of the animation we see the current in the trigger coil being induced by the north of the magnet on the rotor as it starts moving away from the stator. This triggers the transistor and the radiant event occurs by creating the dipole between the positive and the negative of the primary battery.

This radiant event pushes the magnet away (thus converting the radiant into kinetic) and then the current from the primary battery kills the dipole (and contributes to propelling the magnet). the original magnet has now left the stator so there is an idle period then the next magnet comes in.

as this magnet approaches the stator (propelled by the energy from the last radiant event) it induces a current in the power coil that flows through the charging battery (thus charging it).

Because the battery is creating resistance in the circuit it slows down the approaching magnet as it's kinetic is then being converted to chemical within the battery.

I think that because the magnet has slowed down more current is required from the primary battery to help propel the magnet again (though the radiant is doing most of the work here).

When I removed the charging battery there was no resistance in the circuit so the current was free to flow through that point and didnt signifcantly decelerate the rotor so less current was required to keep it rotating.

at least that is my theory! I wish John would explain things better but I understand why he doesnt!

I'm not sure if this is what is actually happening but it is the only explanation I can think of right now! there certainly seems to be alot more to it like can the induced current really light a neon bulb?! More study is needed!

In fact this is probably just plain wrong and I've wasted your time! I'm sorry!
"Theory guides. Experiment decides."

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