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Originally Posted by Sephiroth View Post

Though here is a second thought... I have been experimenting with a few different configurations of the schematic to study what is happening and the most interesting thing I have found is that if you connect the 1n4007 diode back to the primary battery's positive (without a charging battery attached) the current draw is incredibly less than when a charging battery IS attached though with the same performance from the motor.
Hi Sephiroth,

In this thread:
I discuss the fact that conventional calculation does not make sense in these circuits (pulsed circuits), Because disconnecting the Battery from the output SHOULD not affect the current draw according to conventional theories. But as you have stated it does affect. So we must ask how? How is it so that the Primary Battery recognizes the secondary battery when it is attached?

This is my conclusion: The electron current is pumped to the coil to generate aetheric current to charge the secondary battery. The aether is somehow acting in the coil as a magnetic field and is influencing the current draw from the primary battery, because the secondary battery has not been directly attached to the primary. When one disconnects the battery, the aether somehow prevents more current to be drawn. In summary, We PAY for the electron current to TAP the aetheric energy.

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