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OK I had some better results, for a while before I decided to improve my gate drive ( the IC was damaged ) after getting a nice square drive signal the circuit became very efficient but when i went for more power the mosfet failed. I had to remove the protection neon because it was glowing purple.

I guess I pushed it too far. More abrupt switching caused an awefull lot of voltage at the primary cap with less than 0.3 uf. When I go above 250 Ma on the input everything lights up good but the mosfet gets really hot. I'm trying to work out what I'm doing wrong.

Here is some pics before I screwed the power up and fried the fet.

Cfl connected to top and ground.

It can light two neons in series by holding one leg and touching the other to the top. It burns my finger after a bit.

And it will light up a 5mm LED on the receiver across the room trough a FWBR and 270 Ohm resistor.

I have parts and am designing a new circuit to drive the mosfet's, I might try to use two alternately to reduce the stress on them. Not sure yet what I will come up with.

I think the noise from the transmitter affect's the circuit at a certain point and causes erratic behavior and double pulsing, like this.

Sketch pad and Breadboard time.

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