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Dear Solutionscuz,

Thanks for bringing my attention to something new on the market.

It makes sense now why I was noticing a lot more SCIO's for sale at Energetic Forum. More than likely you will start to see many SCIO-EPFX-QXCI's up for sale now as people change over to the SRC-4-ALL program. So if you are looking for a good deal on SCIO-EPFX-QXCI's keep watching as the prices should drop from the $20,000 to more reasonable proce of $2,000

I believe you are referring to the SRC-4-ALL program:

SRC4All Where Qi Gong Meets 21st Century Technology

They have a free version for those interested that works rather well.

The SCIO-EPFX-QXCI have been outdistanced with the SRC-4-ALL program.

The developer is also someone you could take home to meet your parents in a positive way

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