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In the video you'll see two colors different from before, because i used Phenol red to mark the color difference in ph (note it is blue because of the presence of chlorine in acid water)
(at 5 sec, i let the current pass) The haze you see are the bubbles formed

I wrap it around a open ended plastic tube (one end of the coil dipping in water and the other vertical like an antenna), and plunged it in a glass of Alkaline Water for 24 hours. I noticed after that a cluster of bubbles around the coil only. I then tried the same experiment with the double mobius-Caduceus coil, but this time with a test tube filled with acidic water plunged in alkaline water (one coil's end dipped in acidic water, while the other used as antenna, same for the other coil but dipped in alkaline water). this time the bubbles formed in the walls of the glass and around the coils...Anyway just wanted to share this info with you

I hope someone will try to reproduce this and let me know how it goes...


It describes a device which uses a copper coil wound together with an iron coil side by side which is immersed in water. So far so good. The water as an electrolyte would cause the iron and copper to react with each other creating a galvanic element capable of generating electricity. Next he tells us that the copper wire must be insulated! From the iron wire! He also states that insulating the iron wire has no detrimental effect on the operation of the device.

ps: make sure your wires are well insulated
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