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Alrighty I been playin around and I get pretty good results with a bigger cap on the primary charging circuit, i'm using 0.47uf now and that work's good for lower frequencies up to about 18Khz with 6.6us ( more like 8us ). It uses about 170 Ma to 200 Ma but when a load is applied to the receiver the input current rises a bit and if I light a couple of neons on the transmitter top the input rises a bit more but the LED on the receiver stays lit even if I touch the toroids for a while. I can only drop the voltage to 35 volts or so now by touching the top, then it starts rising slowly charging me up.

Here is some piccies.

This is the pulse to the mosfet gate.

I glued three of these caps together and soldered them in series to get different values to try.

This is the cap charge, frequency reading too.

Dodgy old circuit i'm using and the recovery choke.

This is the charging inductor, i think it is about 110 turns on a 10mm x 40mm iron powder core, a ferrite will work too I think.

And here is the receiver over on the other wall, about 10 feet away is all and I have a wire in place of the ground.

Oh yeah I measured 30 Ma of current flowing through the LED.

And here is the revised circuit as I am using it now.

And a link to some Tesla Autobiography thingy. It's a good read.

My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla

Chapter 6—The Magnifying Transmitter
My Inventions - Chapter 6—The Magnifying Transmitter


P.S No probs monsieur, thanks for the inspiration, it is very interesting and amazing, it will be fun to start using higher voltage's. I like a bit of a charge up sometime's.

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