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Thumbs up The Secret of El Dorado - BBC Documentary

Secrets of El Dorado video:

Terra Preta video:

Official BBC page description: The Secret of El Dorado

"Yet terra preta may have a still more remarkable ability. Almost as if alive, it appears to reproduce. Bill Woods has met local farmers who mine the soil commercially. They find that, as long as 20cm of terra preta is left undisturbed, the bed will regenerate over a period of about 20 years. He suspects that a combination of bacteria and fungi is causing this effect."

Robert Flannagan recommended that I watch this video and I'm glad I did. It is an amazing documentary on the soil in the Amazon known as terra preta. If you take some of this remarkably fertile soil from the top keeps regenerating deeper down. How does it do this? You have to watch the video and see.

The product Black Gold linked in this agricultural forum is the closest product you can buy that replicates the soil of terra preta. However, it isn't yet available in the United States but please watch this video if you have any interest in soil health.
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