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Ok I see what you are doing with the recovery battery now. Thats a good idea. Im wondering if you might be able to get rid of the recovery and use something like a neon bulb across the transistor like a spark gap. That way instead of the field collapsing into the battery it would resonate within the tank across the spark gap after the transistor shuts off. Just a though, but may not work as well as what you have already. Be careful if you experiment with that idea, you might blow your transistor.

If we simply knew what the resonant frequency of your secondaries is we could easily calculate what the capacitance should be on you variable capacitor to be in tune.

Im not sure what your waveform is looking but most likely your transistor is putting out a square wave. However once you hook it up to the coil its not going to look like one, depending on where you have the scope hooked up. When in tune, when using square waves, across the coil the scope will see a perfect sine wave.
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