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DC Tesla Coil Design Link

Hi Cody, that link here you gave is very good, thank you for that. That explains it very well.
DC Tesla Coil design

I did notice that when I decreased the primary charge cap value too much that the switch got hot, likely because all the magnetic field energy from the charging inductor could not be stored in the cap and so was disapated as heat. However in my setup this now overflows through the choke which is in series with the charge battery and back to the source battery that way. I think another kind of resonance can be acheived this way if Identical batteries are used. I cannot quantify or validate that statement though.

That make's complete sense now. If the tank cap is too big the voltage will not double. This is a competely awesome situation of course and is one way to use the dead time to our advantage. Now I need to find a way to discharge two primary tank circuits through the one primary alternately, for double frequency, double voltage and quadruple power.


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