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There are many threads about self oscillating circuits on the forum. The joule thief or ss bedini or any variant of exciter should work if designed properly. That would be a simple way to get startedIf my memory is correct i believe slayer posted a simple oscillator circuit on a wireless setup if you do some searching on the forum. A cheapo chinese function generator that would work fine would cost around $100 or so but would not put out 10 or 20 watts directly but could be used to drive higher wattage circuits. You dont need much power to see results though. You can get by without an o-scope by suspending an AV plug near the coil and using a multimeter to look for the peak voltage across the LED as you tune.

I would suggest not starting off with a target in the MHz though. Tesla's system ran around 20KHz and there is good reason to keep your target resonant frequency low.
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