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When an atmospheric electrical discharge happens there is a rapid exchange of energy back and forth through the discharge stream.

These two pictures are frame's from a video, I captured them to show the Power Cone, we can only see the cone above ground the inverted one. It's opposite would be below ground .

Phase one.

Phase two.

And this is a supernova. It is obvious to me these are similar. The supernova picture is taken over a long period of time, so the oscillation cannot be observed.

It is the way of the Universe to swap energy back and forth for eternity for free all losses are recycled immediately no one has to pay the Universe for a lightning strike to take place, and yet they do. The lightening actually looks like oscillations in a big LC Tank circuit if you turn you're head the right way.

It all looks a bit pyramidal and vortexian to me.

The Magnifying Transmitter would have an AC oscillation from top to bottom wouldn't it ? And with an identical Receiver they would have a longitudinal oscillation between them at the top through the air and also at the bottom through the earth and the Receiver would also oscillate with AC from top to bottom.

So we would then have a four way oscillation, all ways trying to equalise but can't.

Pure Genius. Tesla impresses me more and more each day. His name will become almost immortal and he with it.. Through sheer hard work in one lifetime he acheived it, that is very impressive. I have no doubt that in 1000 years time if civilised man still walks the earth Tesla's name will be spoken.

Edit I'll just add this video clip link here.
YouTube - ‪Tansceiver waveforms.wmv‬‏


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