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Yeah I will need to use Mhz to get it into resonance. I can only play for now but I can learn some things. Putting my hand near it does afect the transfer but I have to get it within a few inch's.

Yeah today I make a base for the receiver for testing the distance transfer.

I am using a square wave but it isn't 50/50. Rectifying and storing the output is proving to be difficult. I have an idea from the testatika machine, U shaped magnetised transformer core's or just a steel core transformer might work.

I guess when the transmitter is in resonance the receiver will output a sine wave so that will be much easier to use than the scratchy wave's at the receiver now. An Ultra fast recovery FWBR might also help with storing the output.

I am thinking my Bob Boyce transformer might be good to use on it if I construct a resonant AC tank with series inductors and caps. It will idle with very low standby input and the output is kind of AC but I have it pulsing about 18 times at 2 us then a pause to the next group, could be worth a look for the fun of it I should maybe reconfigre the controller to three phase (three single pulses).

This is what the waveform from the secondary of my transformer looks like. I can make it so there is no pause and all 2 us pulses with 2 us between, well I think I can. However if I reconfigure the controller to three phase I can tripple the effective frequency and hex it if the output is AC.

What happens if I use AC to excite the primary ? Is it better or worse than DC for the primary power ?

Anyway I have to cut MDF boards and paint the edge's. But it is raining all weekend, looks like. I have to stoke the fire to dry the paint. The way I mounted the tall former was I screwed a pill bottle to the board and the pipe slide's onto that.

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