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I went to shoot a video but the battery was drained, so here are some pics instead. I ended up just putting a choke on the recovery to the second battery, I did try grounding the primary negative but that was wastefull, it's funny but with the choke it only just charges the battery but it makes the led brighter and the neon is brighter when touched to the top toroid. With nothing there is ok but I found this is better with than without.

Setup on floor with ground plate only for the receiver.

This shows the tuning capacitor, series inductor, recovery choke and circuit arrangement, I went back to an old circuit for fear of ruining my new one.

When I light a neon on the transmitter toroid it dims the LED a bit.

Exciting the neon through the glass.

I'll make a circuit drawing soon of the setup, I am using now a 320 uH inductor and the cap is at full turn at 1300 pF. Running at 50 Khz for these shots. I think I need another 300 to 500 pF for the transmitter cap I'll try the other one the same with it soon.

I wonder what will happen when I connect my toroidal transformer secondary to the transmitter primary with shunt caps between.

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