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Frontal Lobes Supercharge


You are welcome. Thanks for pulling all the information together!

The following relates to something we are all born with and if understood can be the most beneficial therapeutic tool available. Totally free, No machines necessary, this is on board equipment



by Neil Slade


Think of the most fantastic, exhilarating, or happiest moment of your life.
Got it?

Now multiply that feeling times a hundred. Or a thousand. Or ten-thousand.
Or a million. That’s what it feels like after you “pop” your frontal lobes. For real.

To pop your frontal lobes you

Click your amygdala forward.
This sends energy all the way through your brain.

“Whoa!” you say. “The best day of my life times a million! Impossible!”
Well okay, let’s examine this “popping” phenomenon in another more
plausible fashion that shouldn’t be too hard to accept as a posibility:

Imagine the most fun you’ve ever had, or more to the point, the best feeling
you’ve ever experienced. Got it? Now imagine figuring out how to feel this feeling once a month, every month. That’s not too hard to accept now is it? How about, once a week, every week? How about every day for the rest of your life?

Mmmmmmmm.....Wow! Yes.

When you learn brain self-control, you “pop” your frontal lobes. This is an
honest-to-goodness physiological brain function. Both pleasure intensity and
frequency becomes your reality. And it is just the tip of the iceberg.
The frontal lobes are the most advanced part of your brain. It is the part of the brain most developed in humans, absent to a greater extent in other apes and lower mammals. Grab your forehead above your eyes with your hand. Everything underneath your hand, the front 1/3 part of your brain is your frontal lobes. Where a chimp or gorilla skull is slanted back from the eyes, a human skull goes straight up from the eyes. This is where your human brain’s frontal lobes reside.

The frontal lobes are that part of your brain responsible for Creativity,
Imagination, Cooperation, Intuition, and Logic- “CICIL”. The frontal lobes are
the part of the brain used for new problem solving, synthesis of new and abstract ideas, concepts of time, and planning.

The amygdala is a biological gateway/switch inside your brain. It is somewhat
like the light switch on your wall. But this amygdala brain click-switch is connected to your frontal lobes. By “clicking” your amygdala forward, you “turn on” your frontal lobes. Clicking your amygdala forward allows electrochemical activity to occur from the base of your brain all the way through to the most advanced part of your brain, the frontal lobes. Your brain lights up. We can see this on a brain scans, literally, as neuro-chemical activity intensifies with frontal lobes increased processes.

In addition, clicking your amygdala forward causes automatic sensations of
pleasure and peace of mind to freely occur. “Clicking your amygdala backward” has just the opposite effect.

“Frontal Lobes Transcendence” is the addition of increased frontal lobes
activity to the point where only positive pleasurable emotions are felt. This is a result of a higher perception of reality and a more successful mode of operation for the individual in her/his environment.

By continually controlling the amygdala you tap into perpetual and unlimited

Frontal Lobes Transcendence is like turning on a Perpetual Positive Emotion
Machine inside your head.

It is the smartest part of your brain tickling the “goody spot” (pleasure centers) of your brain whenever you like.
It’s free, and always right there at your neural fingertips.

Frontal Lobes Transcendence is made possible by effortless effort- increased
use of the brain potential already existing inside your head that’s easy to access.

Your brain will run like an efficient, quiet, cool-run, natural machine. You feel
good more and more of the time, and your ability to function and solve problems is tremendously enhanced.

Frustration, anger, fear, pain, and other negative feelings are reduced and
disappear once you “pop” your frontal lobes. As you learn how to see forward with your frontal lobes you will drive around negative emotions in your brain, like you drive around obstacles in the road in your car. Just as a child learns how to walk and outgrows falling down, you will outgrow falling down emotions once you learn some basic facts about how your brain works.

Learning how to click your amygdala forward will greatly enhance your
ability to concentrate on your goals, think clearly, and act more intelligently in your own behalf and for others.

Packed into your three pound cranial package of nerve cells are more
connections than there are grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth. The number or neural connections inside your brain has been estimated as
10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 ,000,000,000,000, (CONT.) 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 0,000,000,000,000.

How big is this number? A computer that could handle all the information
your brain can would be the size of Texas. A stack of papers, one sheet for each neural connection, would reach farther than we can see with the most powerful telescope on the planet. That’s a lot of brain connections stuffed between your ears.

If you (we/me/everybody) is using only a fraction of our available brain
potential, what is possible with more turned on?
Getting one’s frontal lobes operating smoothly, efficiently, and strongly is analogous as getting your other muscles to work smoothly and strongly. With practice your body’s muscles do the work you want.
With practice your frontal lobes will do the thought and produce the feelings
you want.

Nerve cells in the brain respond to need and use. Neurons (nerve cells) have
the ability to become larger and develop more connections with other neurons as
activity dictates. For example, a person who uses his hands a great deal will develop more neural connections in the part of the brain devoted to hand coordination than a person who uses hands to a lesser degree. Neurons have the ability to fill in spaces left by old dead neurons, and maintain levels of brain activity: Brain Self-repair.

Recent findings contradict the old belief that one cannot grow new brain cells beyond birth, and that in some instances this is actually a possibility.
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