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Smile Life is FABULOUS!!

Hi Bob, Joy, Lois, Barb, Rin, and All,

I want to express the love I have for all of you for posting here and helping me bring awareness to others about all the wonderful Spiritual Tools we have at our fingertips! Paths, CEM, TRV, etc

As I have said many times already to friends and family in the last few months, My Chinese Energetic Medicine has Evolved since using Paths. I have evolved since using Paths! I would never have believed (ever) not even 5 months ago that I would be able to FEEL THIS MUCH LOVE!! Since using Paths the light and love that has entered my life is IMMENSE!

My motivation in starting this thread is to show my appreciation for Paths, Chinese Energetic Medicine, Energetic Forum , Energetic Science Ministries, and all the people that have made it possible for all of us to come together!!

The beautiful People I have attracted into my life in these past 5 months just BLOWS MY MIND!! I am truly, sincerely, deeply GRATEFUL!!

There are infinite ways to know God, to BE Love, and many Spiritual Tools to assist us in realizing this awareness, that there is no separation. The Greatest Realization I have had to date, and the one I am most grateful for, is that I have YOU to share my JOY with!! YOU to BE INFINITE with!! The fact that we have each other is MAGNIFICENT!!

So thank you for being on this Planet with ME! Thank you for being such precious gifts to ME!!

Private Energetic Corrections by Grace
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