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water coil Capacitor

post#1 and #5 updated

I would like to make a small adjustement, that is exploring actually a Water Coil Capacitor

if there is one concept i think you guys should remember, it is this one:

The Fractal Matrix - A Paradigm For Multidimensional Reality - 1

In truth each point in our plane is influenced by the upper levels. We are merely introducing the subject by means of simple examples or analogies. In effect the behaviour of a particle or a living entity on the bottom plane is governed ultimately by the whole of the countless layers. This is where the real difficulty arises; to obtain some grasp of the effect of infinitely superimposed nonlinear variables. This is the key problem in understanding the mind's (or universal or nature's) computer system.

Water on the Sun?

An international team of scientists, including a University of Waterloo chemistry professor, has conclusively demonstrated that water (actually steam) does exist on the sun, confirming a breakthrough finding made two years ago.

The team used an innovative method to calculate the water spectrum at sunspot temperatures. The method will be useful in modelling systems with an abundance of extremely hot water molecules, such as forest fires.
Water Found on Sun

Heliospheric current sheet:

The heliospheric current sheet (HCS) is the surface within the Solar System where the polarity of the Sun's magnetic field changes from north to south. This field extends throughout the Sun's equatorial plane in the heliosphere.[1][2] The shape of the current sheet results from the influence of the Sun's rotating magnetic field on the plasma in the interplanetary medium (Solar Wind).[3] A small electrical current flows within the sheet, about 10−10 A/m. The thickness of the current sheet is about 10,000 km...

...As the Sun rotates, its magnetic field twists into a Parker spiral,[5] a form of an Archimedean spiral, named after its discovery by Eugene Parker.

and don't forget the presence of water in the sun and you have your Cosmic Water Coil Capacitor, containing your earth water coil capacitor, containing your tree water coil capacitor, and so on (sounds fractal, no?)

Heliosphere - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

YouTube - ‪Solar system new interpretation‬‏

VIDEO 6 : Proposed helical coaxial dynamic model for the visible planets of the solar system ,with 12 zodiac houses and Polaris for reference and relative positions.
water is present everywhere

Water appears to be one of the most abundant molecules in the Universe. It dominates the environment of the Earth and is a main constituent of numerous planets, moons and comets. On a far greater scale it possibly contributes to the so-called "missing mass" of the Universe and may initiate the birth of stars inside the giant molecular clouds. This paper gives a brief description of water and ice environments with an emphasis on their possible origin and subsequent development in the Solar System. Expanding the scope of hydrology to cover phenomena encountered on other celestial bodies is postulated and discussed.

The Paper

"Quantum Water" Discovered in Carbon Nanotubes

Chengdu Organic Chemicals Co. Ltd., Chinese Academy of Sciences

A new quantum state of water found in carbon nanotubes at room temperature could have important implications for life...
...That's a big deal. Reiter and co chose carbon nanotubes because they are an analogue of the conditions water faces when passing through living systems, through ion channels in cell membranes, for example. Biologists have long known that flow through these channels is orders of magnitude greater than conventional fluid dynamics predicts. Perhaps this new state of quantum water is the reason why.

from quantum agriculture

" What Lehrs is describing here is the power of an insulator (dielectric: ie water) to accumulate a static charge from a weak field and condense it (it is probably done through the vortex flow of water) into a strong charge that gives rise to an electrostatic field.

Nature's version of:

To amplify the current i think we should look into Tesla's Invention:

Magnifying transmitter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The magnifying transmitter is an advanced version of Tesla coil transmitter. It is a high power harmonic oscillator that Nikola Tesla intended for the wireless transmission of electrical energy.[1] In his autobiography, Tesla stated that "...I feel certain that of all my inventions, the Magnifying Transmitter will prove most important and valuable to future generations."[1] The magnifying transmitter is an air-core, multiple-resonant transformer that can generate very high voltages....
...In 1899, Tesla moved his research to Colorado Springs.
click on the link to see where Colorado Springs is located:

An important point to make is this one from Quantum Agriculture :

the unsettling effects of fields and moving currents upon the forces of life.
yes, Moving Current is important so if you are going to make a salt water capacitor, water flow seems to be quite essential. Water in its nature does not like stagnation , It will always find a way of reaching movement (evaporation, on and on). It is in constant movement see exp ink drop in water:

YouTube - ‪Ink Study 1‬‏

Slider2732 :

A coil made of water appeals as an idea
If water was pumped, at the resonant frequency of the tree, in a spiral pattern at the base of the trunk, could it be imagined that energy would literally flow ?
It would be somewhat analogous to a battery circuit.

and i just got an epiphany, I think i found an easy oscillator (can't believe, i did not think about it ):

YouTube - ‪Innovative micro hydroelectric turbine‬‏

Innovative micro hydroelectric turbine

Though in video water flowing from tap is shown it works same way if there is a reservoir at starting of the collapsible bladder and if small pipe is connected to it.

Resonance in water.

If you wind 1000 turns of 26 swg enamelled copper wire around a glass bottle filled with water and then flash this coil a cross a 12 volt car battery ..... all of the protons in the bottle, that were previously aligned with earths magnetic field .... immediately realign them selves with this new field. As soon as this field collapses the protons want to realign back to Earths magnetic field. The problem is that the protons are spinning like a top and instead of a smooth precession they 'wobble' back, in the same way as a child's top wobbles as it runs down. If after flashing the coil we then connect it to a high gain frequency counter we can actually measure the 'wobble' frequency ...... and it is directly proportional to the ambient field strength. For example in Southern England ... away from any magnetic anomalies ... the wobble frequency is about 2000 Hertz. If magnetic anomalies are present then the wobble frequency will change. This is the principle of the early magnetometers.
...Equipment resonance.

If we wire a capacitor and an inductance is series or parallel, together they form a tuned circuit, that has a resonant frequency. At resonance the voltage across the inductance or the water capacitor is at a maximum. If we want to develop a maximum voltage across either component then the frequency of stimulation must equal the resonant frequency of the tuned circuit, ie the water capacitor and two resonant chokes. At this point we have to assume that they really do form a tuned circuit. The next move is to excite that tuned circuit to find out what it's resonant frequency is. This has to be done with the water capacitor full of water, which has a dielectric constant of about 84. This means that providing the water does not short out the plates, the capacitor will have it's empty value multiplied by a factor of 84 ... since C approximates to .....

Where ....

C is the capacitance in farads, F
A is the area of each plate, measured in square metres
εr is the relative static permittivity (sometimes called the dielectric constant) of the material between the plates, (vacuum =1)
ε0 is the permittivity of free space where ε0 = 8.854x10-12 F/m
d is the separation between the plates, measured in metres

Small World, article talks about the Meyer device...

Searching for Magic Frequencies

any thoughts on what i have posted so far
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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