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The Multiple LCR resonance experiment

The Multiple LCR resonance experiment

I am showing the bare bone winding of the multiple LCR resonance experiment. All the electronics were taken out for this shot.

The work may include the following:

1. Put back the electronics. The clips should be connected to a tunable Joule Thief Circuit.
2. The two Secondary circuits will have identical tunable LCR circuits.
3. There will be much tuning until the Joule Thief frequency, the toroid and the two secondary circuits show resonance.
4. Repeat the experiment in Hong Kong when the battery of the Joule Thief circuit was taken out. The two LEDs on the secondary should stay on.
5. Repeat the experiment with three or more identical Secondary LCR circuits (to simulate the concept of multiple tuning forks).
6. Try higher output power hopefully light up a 100 watt light bulb. (The secret of the Steven Mark TPU will be demonstrated.)

Divine Revelation 3 is now very clear. Exact material and configuration are not as important as tuning, tuning and tuning. Resonance, Resonance and Resonance. Amen.
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