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The more i search, the more i am convince by what i have shown you so far. The article that follows seems to confirm Slider2732 suppositions

Personally, I have great reservations about conventional batteries in any case
The whole concept of a return to the negative of a battery...just seems plain wrong.
it is my contention, that the load creates a draw, which the battery supplies. Within the load circuit, the energy is dissipated following conventional logic, but nothing returns per se to the negative terminal...
...I believe we should not look at extracting and using such an energy with sledge hammer approaches, but to balance with it, work with it and derive a surplus through that balance.
Quantum Agriculture

The Alchemy of Capacitance
Dennis Klocek
Dowsers have long been aware of the unsettling effects of fields and moving currents upon the forces of life. Dowsing research has uncovered a great deal of documented proof that sleeping in a weak field or a current can be a major cause of debility which leads to illness. All currents are considered by dowsers to generate fields. Running water, gas, electricity, even geological fault lines and the crystalline lattice of minerals in the earth radiate weak currents. The theory is that an organism resting in these currents cannot maintain equilibrium in its life forces because its own life field is constantly being disturbed. Even if the disturbance is miniscule compared to modern amperages in electric grids, the constant flow of energies is thought to "wick" away life forces and put the organism under stress when it is supposed to be concentrating its life forces. In effect, this image found in the dowsing literature, is an image of conduction (wicking away of current) versus condensing (the alternate induction and capacitance of weak forces which condenses the weak forces into stronger field forces). An organism being influenced by such currents becomes brittle and loses its elasticity. Once it has lost its charge of life, it becomes prey to pathogens from the environment. Plants growing above watercourses, lenses of volcanic materials or fault lines often show such signs of stress. Trees growing over an underground stream will die on the side which receives the ether current from the moving water, or the underground pipe and thrive on the side which does not. Tree roots will form burls when the tree is growing over an active water main or underground stream. Watercourses or changes in the composition of the ground underneath orchards can often be traced by looking at weak or infested trees. Dowsing the area will reveal the presence of a subterranean current. The list of phenomena surrounding conduction currents is extensive and available to anyone caring to do a little research. The result from many dowsing experiments is that conduction weakens life forces.
Electricity and Conduction Ernst Lehrs', in his book "Man or Matter", expresses a view which could give support to this idea with his assertion that Robert Faraday himself, was an opponent of the theory of electrical currents as a true picture of the nature of electricity. Lehrs' states in his work that when humans apply electricity to do work, that they are really not using electricity proper but only the thermal and magnetic fields which are generated when electricity is consumed by passing it through a conductor. According to this essentially alchemical view, the force that runs an appliance or moves the needle on a meter, is not electricity itself, but is produced when electricity vanishes. By extension, Lehrs says further, "With the recognition that we have to do with electricity proper, only in the case of an electric field exerting its power directly, as in an electroscope, whereas, all other so called electrical processes consist in a consumption of electrical force, it becomes possible to form an adequate picture of the oscillating circuit...the coupling of a condenser and a coil; to put it differently capacitance with inductance." What Lehrs is describing here is the power of an insulator (dielectric) to accumulate a static charge from a weak field and condense it into a strong charge that gives rise to an electrostatic field.
Capacitance Antennae In a device known as a capacitance antenna, the conductor or coil serves to give rise to a magnetic field by briefly conducting or consuming an electric charge. As the electric charge is consumed it flows through the coil and creates a magnetic field with magnetic forces moving through the field lines. A dielectric or condenser is placed in the magnetic field. The dielectric is composed of many inner layers of an insulating substance like silica. As the magnetic current moves through the dielectric it creates weak electric fields in the many layers of the dielectric where the layers cut across the magnetic field lines. As a result an electric field is created around the dielectric when a capacitor is placed into a magnetic field. The electric field in turn is once again taken into the coil for a brief conduction which once again creates a magnetic field around the coil.

In this arrangement, the capacitor or condenser builds a weak, but constant charge with no current into a strong field capable of holding a lot of power (voltage) but little flow (amperage). The charged field is then drawn through a coil which draws off the charge in a movement which is just the very beginning of conduction. A magnetic field grows quickly as the brief conduction converts the flow of electricity into magnetism. The dielectric is placed so that the magnetic field surrounds the dielectric and causes the dielectric to pick up a strong electrical charge. This is then reciprocally discharged back into the coil to keep the cycle going. The elastic oscillation of magnetic into electric back into magnetic forces causes induction to take place in the condenser and coil and greatly increases the power without an increase in input. This brings two polar forces into a mutual rhythm tic oscillation. However, in this type of circuit the electrical and magnetic forces are not really consumed and no lines of magnetic energy are cut or disturbed, as is the case with power generation apparatus in use today. This model is the basis for wireless transmission. It is also the basis for the electrostatic capacitance antennas in use for the reception of radio transmissions in automobiles. The effect of the capacitor/coil antenna is to make the transmitter appear closer to the antennae than it actually is. The capacitor amplifies the weak signal from the source and the closed induction circuit makes the signal more resonant as the energies are rhythmically oscillated from condenser to coil. The power to drive a speaker grows from the oscillation.
read more on this especially the Cosmic Pipe Experiments:

The Alchemy of Capacitance - QUANTUM AGRICULTURE

Added to this:

"Quantum Water" Discovered in Carbon Nanotubes

Chengdu Organic Chemicals Co. Ltd., Chinese Academy of Sciences

A new quantum state of water found in carbon nanotubes at room temperature could have important implications for life...
...That's a big deal. Reiter and co chose carbon nanotubes because they are an analogue of the conditions water faces when passing through living systems, through ion channels in cell membranes, for example. Biologists have long known that flow through these channels is orders of magnitude greater than conventional fluid dynamics predicts. Perhaps this new state of quantum water is the reason why.
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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